SAP CRM Product Interlinkage

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Target guid: FA163EEF573D1EE4BB948D01BE952F51

This guid points to the customer maintained as relationship target in WebUI:


See the following code about how to read the data of relationship PRDCPN of a given product:

It contains interlinkage guid, source object guid and target guid.

Source guid: FA163EE56C3A1EE69C9B0D4E88D25F12

This guid points to the product:

For detail technical introduction about relationship, please refer to this wiki.

The relationship transaction data is maintained in assignment block below:

Result stored in this component:

The data could be read from function module below:

From the code we can know the fact: unlike product settype design, for each product relationship, there is no dedicated read function module designed, but still each relationship has each own persistence table. The relationship data is generically read out via function module COM_IL_API_READ.